I found EFT very helpful for migraines

“I had tried EFT in the past and found it very helpful, particularly for migraines. When I met Bettina I was inspired to try it again and am so glad I did. She not only reminded me how to use EFT but also made me feel heard and supported. Bettina has a natural empathy, is extemely kind, thoughtful and wise. I have had several sessions with her and each one exceeded my expectations and helped me enormously. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Leona Sunderland, Dressence, London

It helped me let go of old and negative patterns

“Working with Bettina is an extraordinary experience. She is enormously empathetic, really sees me and helps me to get to the core of my feelings and emotions. Working with Bettina has changed my life in a very important way; it helped me to let go of very old and negative patterns, which was crucial for my personal development. I can highly recommend working with Bettina and I am very grateful to her.” Karin Knipphals, Communication Coach, Duesseldorf, Germany

Works better than psychotherapy

“Hi Bettina, Really nice and powerful session we had yesterday. I love the therapy with you, I find it really useful and even better than the psychotherapy, I think it works better. I appreciate all you are doing for me. I will continue the tapping.” Doris Arango, London