EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques


When T. turned 40, she and her husband had tried to conceive unsuccessfully for 7 years and decided it was time to let go. No medical explanation had been found. T. didn’t want invasive IVF treatment and chose instead to focus her life on a happy relationship with her husband and her job, which she loved. 14 months later she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Where infertility has no medical explanation, the underlying causes are often emotional and psychological; e.g., the fear of not being a good mother or guilt. EFT can help identify, address and clear these blocks.After losing her natural fertility through cancer treatment, L. went through a cycle of IVF. Her body was stressed from the impact of the hormone treatment and she was tense and worried about her chances of success. L. knew this was her only “stab” at IVF on the NHS. She didn’t sleep well, experienced a range of negative emotions and found it difficult to relax. The treatment failed, as she had feared it might, and her feelings turned into guilt and despair. What have I done wrong? What could I have done differently? EFT can support the natural hormonal balance of the body and deal with the fears and worries that the medical intervention typically leaves unaddressed.

S. was devastated when she was told her body had failed to produce any well-developed follicles after the first few days of IVF treatment. The treatment would be stopped if the next test wouldn’t show an improvement. After only one session of EFT, S. produced a sufficient number of healthy follicles within less than a day for the treatment to be successfully continued.

Accompanying cancer patients EFT is not a medical treatment and cannot take the place of medical intervention. However, EFT has a huge role to play in addressing the many challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis. There is the fear of death and dying, of what will happen to the children, the side effects of chemotherapy, self-blame about the causes of the disease, worries about money and many more. EFT can help make difficult decision about treatment options and offer support to family and friends.

Overcome limiting beliefs & habits

Just as EFT can lower stress hormones it is possible to increase serotonin and balance dopamin levels.

Depression, anxiety, insomnia

Disruptions in our energy flow often show as physical symptoms, the proverbial pain in the neck or back. Addressing the underlying emotional issue will
also release physical pain.

Migraines, chronic pain

EFT will help you relax and steady your nerves. You will let go of doubts and instead nurture the trust and confidence that success is possible for you Stress at work, performance improvement, e.g., at interviews, auditions, exam nerves, sport

EFT has been enormously successful treating Vietnam veterans, whose lives were crippled by haunting war memories and who had not improved after 17 plus years of traditional psychotherapy.

Childhood abuse & PTSD

Has just the tone of your spouse”s voice ever made you angry, setting off an old pattern, and afterwards you do not even remember why and what you were fighting about? Any experience can trigger old painful memories that keep us trapped in the same old destructive behaviours.

Relationship problems

We try to avoid painful emotions by using substances or behaviours that make us feel better, such as alcohol, food or compulsive shopping. EFT helps release the charge that the underlying issues hold over us and the need to compensate through our addicitve behaviour falls away gradually.

Addictions & OCD

EFT is highly effective treating fear of flying, enclosed or open spaces, heights, fear of public speaking, needles etc.