“Working with Bettina is an extraordinary experience. She is enormously empathetic, really sees me and helps me to get to the core of my feelings and emotions. Working with Bettina has changed my life in a very important way; it helped me to let go of very old and negative patterns, which was crucial for my personal development. I can highly recommend working with Bettina and I am very grateful to her.”

Karin Knipphals, Communication Coach / Duesseldorf, Germany

“Hi Bettina, thank you! I am cool, chilled, relaxed, untouched by any of the stuff that used to bother me big time.  The intensity is so much decreased. My boyfriend said “who is this cool new Annette? I like her much more!” Thank you for your AWESOME help!”

Annette O. / London, UK

“Bettina, thank you for being so understanding and patient. You make me feel very comfortable that I feel I am able to be fully open.”

Craig P. / London, UK

“Working with you has brought depth and clarity to areas that I might not have discovered alone. I am very grateful. Also for being a therapist role model! I’m learning so much from you!”

Aisling Hamilton / Wokingham, UK

“That session was invaluable – a kind of life saver – and I hold it deeply inside my heart – you were truly compassionate with no even a drip of judgement – and what you did worked – and the way you did it was absolutely just right.”

Lesley Johnston / London, UK