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Bettina Falkenberg

Advanced AAMET Level3 EFT Pratitioner Diploma in Integrated Energy Techniques Accredited NLP Practitioner (ABNLP)

My name is Bettina Falkenberg. I am an Advanced AAMET Level 3 EFT Practitioner, NLP Practitioner ABNLP, and Practitioner in Integrated Energy Techniques. I was born in Germany where I studied law and worked for the government until I moved to the UK with my ex-husband in 1994. Being the mum of two boys, and following my husband’s work meant that I was not able to follow a straight career path but kept myself busy with studying and voluntary work.

After my divorce 10 years ago, I found it very difficult to re-enter a career. Eventually, I found my way into the charitable sector and became a successful fundraiser. It felt good to be financially independent again. However, I was not happy and this took a toll on my emotional and physical well-being. My work, the long hours, the daily commute drained me of all joy and energy. I numbed the pain with food and drink and became dependent on anti-depressants. I felt that I didn’t live the right life, hadn’t found my calling and was overwhelmed and unfulfilled. 6 years ago, when my desperation had hit another low point, I finally listened to what a friend had been saying for years; EFT is amazing, try it.

I found myself on a course to become a therapist myself. I realised with astonishment that I had found something I was truly good at, that I had a knack for. Years of personal development had made it natural for me to establish a safe environment for the client and hold her in a loving, non-judgemental safe space. It was still a rocky road to where I am today. I experienced a lot of anxiety about giving up the day job. I used EFT on myself to overcome this fear, and to create my new career. Now when life throws me a curve ball, I know I have the tools to deal with it. If any of this chimes with your life experience; or if you have any limiting beliefs that hold you back from living the life that you want, I might be able to help.

“Bettina is a caring and intuitive therapist who approaches her work with insight and wisdom.  She is passionate about what she does and is committed to inspiring and supporting clients along their own healing paths. I highly recommend her.” Emma Roberts, EFT Master, Founder The EFT Centre / London, UK

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